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Welcome to Sismo, All-in analytics platform for fundamental portfolio managers

Sismo brings to fundamental investors the best of what quantitative analysis can offer, in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with daily-updated data from S&P Capital IQ on global equities.

Advanced and unique comparative analysis with striking visualization designed for stock pickers and investment managers.

  • Access directly in-depth portfolio analysis on dynamic equity universes
  • Leverage on visuals designed to read at a glance trends & correlations and spot outliers
  • Identify instantly portfolio factors’ exposures and macroeconomic biases of allocations
  • Check factors peers, partial factor peers and any stock worthy of your attention
  • Optimize portfolios per your own criteria
  • Use rank analysis to create in seconds advanced screenings that match any profile
  • Access valuable insights and generate investment ideas supported by in-depth analysis

Advanced Functionalities

  • Dynamic universe builder
  • Portfolio upload & analysis
  • Multi metrics filtering & scoring
  • Stock & portfolio factor profile
  • Factor peers & partial peers
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Rank analysis
  • Advanced screening capabilities
  • Investment strategy back-testing